MY WHOLE LIFE I FELT LIKE AN ARTIST TRAPPED INSIDE SOMEONE ELSE’S BODY. I spent fifteen years as a high-performing athlete, and ten as a businesswoman tied to a demanding career, all the while yearning for a deeper connection to my purpose.

So, I started creating cakes. The joy I got from giving one of my creations to a client was like no other. Finally I felt like I had found my medium for bringing happiness to people. The only problem was that my art would be quickly consumed, only enjoyed for an hour or two, and then never to be seen again. My husband and father encouraged me to start photographing my cakes… and the idea for The Cake Calendar was born. 


When I thought about the calendar, I knew that I couldn’t bring it to life on my own. I needed the perfect photographer and graphic artist partners to bring my vision to life. And I knew the perfect people… 

Lindsey Johnston is a long time friend from my high school days. She is a talented photographer and artist and one of the best moms and women I know. Together we built the gorgeous calendar of my dreams.

After our first year of production, we knew we needed to expand the creative rolls a bit... Enter Lindsey’s equally-talented sister, Leesa. Not only is she an incredible food photographer, she is a nutritionist and cook who knows how to bring food to life and people together. She was the perfect addition to our cake team. 

At it’s core, cake is a celebration. Worldwide, people gather, smile and sing around cake. With that in mind, we set out to create something that would make people feel that good, every day. We hope you enjoy the calendar as much as we enjoyed making it. And most of all, we hope it makes every day a little sweeter. 

XO Angela

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